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With most modern vehicles now fitted with air conditioning and climate control technology, Best Air Commercial and Domestic Ltd are available to recharge vehicle AC units across the East Anglia and the Greater London areas. Whilst many of us use the air con in our cars on a daily basis, we are often unaware that it needs regular attention to ensure it is working efficiently.

Car manufacturers recommend that your air con system is recharged with gas at least once every two years, with this service not part of standard vehicle servicing. As a result, many vehicle air con systems are not working as well as they could be. Without regular and professional recharging, air con systems can be less effective and can put unnecessary strain on your vehicle’s engine, consequently using more fuel and costing you more money. If your air con system has not been recharged within the previous two years, it could be costing you money and reducing the efficiency of your travel.

At Best Air we can recharge every type of vehicle, whether the system is R134A or R1234YF. We can also upgrade your R134A system to the new R1234YF, which will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, improving your AC performance and helping to reduce global warming. We offer a mobile service, bringing our expertise to you whatever the location. Call us today to speak to an expert engineer and book your vehicle’s AC recharge.

Vehicle Air Conditioning
  • We Come To You
  • Require a 13 amp electrical socket
  • Takes around 30 minutes
  • R134a From £70
  • R1234YF From £170